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Article 1 - Parties to the Convention


Celasun Jewelry

Address: Ferah mah. The maple sticks. No 22 Üsküdar / İST

Tax Office: Üsküdar

Phone: 0216 4844967

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Article 2 - Subject of the Convention

The subject of this agreement is to comply with the provisions of the Law No. 4077 on the Protection of Consumers and the Principles and Procedures of Distance Contracts regarding the sale and delivery of the product specified below and the purchase price of which the BUYER has electronically ordered from the website of the SELLER. determination of rights and obligations of the parties. PURCHASER, the basic characteristics of the product subject to sale, sales price, payment method, delivery conditions, etc. The Company accepts and declares that it has knowledge of all preliminary information and the right to, withdrawal,, confirms this information electronically and then orders the product under the terms of this contract. and the invoice is an integral part of this agreement.

Article 3 - Delivery of Product, Place of Contract and Delivery Method

The product has been requested by the cargo company official at the address AL where the BUYER requested delivery,. will be delivered to.

Article 4 - Delivery Costs and Execution

Delivery costs belong to the Buyer. If the SELLER declares on its website that the delivery fee of the shoppers above the declared amount shall be borne by him, the delivery cost shall be borne by the SELLER. Even if the PURCHASER is not present at the time of delivery, the SELLER shall be deemed to have fulfilled its performance fully and completely. For this reason, any expenses arising from the late receipt of the product by the BUYER and the waiver of the product at the cargo company and / or the return of the cargo to the seller are also borne by the BUYER. Delivery is made as soon as possible after the stock is available and the product price is transferred to the account of the SELLER. The SELLER delivers the product within 30 (thirty) days of the order and reserves the right to extend an additional 10 (ten) days with written notice during this time. The SELLER is obliged to inform the PURCHASER if he cannot deliver the product subject to the contract within the due period due to stock depletion, and similar situations of commercial impossibility, unexpected situations, force majeure or extraordinary conditions such as weather opposition that prevents transportation, interruption of transportation. For the delivery of the product subject to the contract, a signed copy of this contract must be delivered to the SELLER and the price must be paid in the form of payment preferred by the BUYER. If, for any reason, the product price is not paid or canceled in the bank records, the SELLER shall be deemed free of the obligation to deliver the product.

Article 5 - Declaration and Commitments of the Buyer

The PURCHASER shall inspect the product in question before delivery, such as dents, broken, torn packaging and so on. will not receive the damaged and defective product from the cargo company. The product is received shall be deemed to be undamaged and intact. The obligation to protect the product after delivery is borne by the BUYER. If the right of withdrawal is to be used, the product must not be used and the invoice must be returned. If the original invoice is not sent, VAT and other legal obligations, if any, cannot be returned to the BUYER. Due to the right of withdrawal, the delivery price of the returned product shall be covered by the SELLER. After the delivery of the product, the buyer's credit card is not caused by the BUYER's defect in an unjustified or unlawful use by unauthorized persons due to the relevant bank or financial institution to pay the price of the product to the SELLER, provided that the BUYER 3 (three) is obliged to send to Seller within days. In this case, shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer. Furthermore, the BUYER accepts that the delivery made to the address indicated by the BUYER and the person present at the time of delivery shall be deemed to be made to the BUYER.

Article 6 - Declaration and Commitments of the Seller

The SELLER is responsible for delivering the contracted product intact, complete, in accordance with the specifications specified in the order and with warranty documents and user manuals, if any. If the product subject to the contract is to be delivered to another person / organization other than the BUYER, the SELLER cannot be held responsible for not accepting the delivery. The SELLER undertakes that the buyer has the right to withdraw from the contract within 7 (seven) days after the delivery of the product without any legal and criminal responsibility and without giving any reason, or within 7 (seven) days after the contract is signed and the seller or provider undertakes to take the product back from the date of receipt of the notification. . SELLER, within 7 (seven) days after receipt of the revocation declaration, the product price, if any, returns the valuable documents. Return the product within 7 (seven) days. The SELLER shall, for justified reasons, provide equal quality and price can supply the product. If the SELLER believes that the delivery of the product becomes impossible, the SELLER shall notify the BUYER before the performance of the contract expires. In this case, the BUYER may use one of the rights to cancel the order, to replace the product subject to the contract, and / or to postpone the delivery period until the elimination of the blocking condition. In case the BUYER cancels the order, the price paid and the documents, if any, are returned within 7 (seven) days. Products that are defective or damaged from the products sold with the warranty certificate or not, can be sent to the SELLER for the necessary repair within the terms of the warranty, in which case the delivery expenses shall be borne by the SELLER.

Article 7 - Payment Plan

Since the forward sales are made only by credit cards belonging to the Bank, the BUYER shall confirm the relevant interest rates and the information related to the default interest separately from the bank and accept that the provisions regarding the interest and default interest shall be applied within the scope of the credit card agreement between the Bank and the BUYER in accordance with the provisions of the legislation in force, declares and undertakes. The relevant provisions of the contract signed between the BUYER and the cardholder bank shall apply to the installment procedures. Credit card payment date is determined by the provisions of the contract between the bank and the BUYER. The PURCHASER may also track the number of installments and payments from the bank statement sent by the bank.

Article 8 - Right of Withdrawal

The PURCHASER may use the right of withdrawal within 7 (seven) days following the delivery of the product subject to the contract to him or to the person / organization at the address indicated. Notification to the SELLER by fax, e-mail or telephone within the same period for the exercise of the right of withdrawal; in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement, which are an integral part of this agreement and have been accepted by the BUYER on the website If this right is exercised, the original invoice for the product delivered to the 3rd party or the BUYER shall be returned. The product price is returned to the BUYER within 7 (seven) days following the notification of the right of withdrawal and the product is returned within 7 (seven) days. If the original invoice is not sent, VAT and other legal obligations, if any, cannot be returned to the BUYER. The delivery price of the returned product due to the right of withdrawal shall be borne by the SELLER.

Article 9 - Default and Legal Consequences

In the event that the buyer defaults in the transactions made with the credit card, the cardholder will pay interest and be liable to the bank within the framework of the credit card agreement made with the bank. In this case, the relevant bank may apply legal remedies; and the BUYER agrees to pay the SENDER the loss and damage incurred due to the delayed performance of the debt.

Article 10 - Competent Court

In case of disputes arising from this agreement, the Consumer Arbitration Committees and Consumer Courts in the settlements of the BUYER and SELLER are authorized up to the value declared by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Civil Court of First Instance in places where there is no Consumer Court.

Article 11 - Effectiveness

In the event of payment of the order placed on the site, the BUYER shall be deemed to have accepted all the terms of this agreement. The SELLER is obliged to make software arrangements on the site to ensure that the order cannot be placed without the approval of the BUYER that it has been read and accepted.

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